Saturday, June 4, 2011

Comic Linen Postcard - Love Thy Neighbor

This is a comic linen postcard, probably from the 1930s, perhaps early 1940s.  It was published by CurtTeich-Chicago, very big in postcard circles.  It depicts a couple of travelers at a campground.  It is also part of a series of 10 cards, though I have no idea what the other 9 cards are.

Linen postcards were popular from around 1932 to 1952 or so.  The cards get their name because they were made from ragstock, and you can see & feel the ridges in them.   Sometimes these cards have borders (like the previous generation white border postcards), and sometimes the ink bleeds all the way to the edges.  However the white border postcards have a smooth surface and linen cards do not.  Also, the colors on linen cards are generally brighter and more garish than earlier cards (and the later chromes for that matter). Subjects were pretty much anything you can think of, including comics.

Comics were drawn, sometimes even signed by the artist.  They frequently pushed the limits of risque-ness allowed during the era (you could buy these in any drugstore, after all).  Some barely hinted at it, and some did a lot more than hint. A few might have some strong social commentary.  Lots lampooned husbands & wives.  And some just had Scottish Terriers saying "Hoot Mon" to each other. 

Update:  Sold!

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